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And the record keeps playing the same old song

I have a fixation for the new Good Charlotte song. I keep singing it over and over yet I've only heard it 3/4 times.


Yesterday we went to Tunbridge Wells. Babu got a bass cheap and some new cones for my lip ring (so now it's secure. Got Attitude too but haven't really looked at it yet. Babu ordered me the Episode 3 Clone Trooper after I spotted it there... but didn't have the sense to keep pushing to get it. Sigh. Gotta go back to that Sci-fi shop though. They had one of the new tin sets for £16 (the cheapest they are online is £30) so I've gotta go back with lotsa money.

I had a woozy tuummy last night for some reason. I kept thinking like I'd be sick and kept having sick burps. Thankfully wasn't sick though.

This morning I had some grape juice. It had bits floating in it. Eeep :/

Watched babu on Ocarina today. She's better then I expected (if a bit WAH something's coming to get me!) Ah Ocarina, I might play that after finishing Twilight Princess. I think I'm due to go on it again, I seem to go on it annually.

It's so cold. I hate winter.

Almost time to go back. Again, not ready for it really. Packed I'm not, booked for trip I'm not.

I'll check the results for thee poll from a few posts back once I'm home.

Oliver Martinez is a bastard.

Ray skin is sex.

I think that's all, though I've wrote on my arms like Gerard. Left arm has fairy, right has piggy.

Food now.

Edit: And I'm going back Tuesday so we can go to the massive Asda. The lure of new Star Wars igures is just too tempting (if I'd known sooner I'd have asked to go earlier...)
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