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Down with the moral majority

Still can't believe yesterday happened really. It seems so odd.. like something outta a dream (even though my dreams are perverted).

Today has been spent not doing too much. There was a Kerrang top 50 best video thing, which made me very happy and squealish. They played Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy, Fightstar, Lostprophets, Panic! and Linkin Park but number 1 was I'm Not Okay which made me squee. More and more it seems Ray appeals to me, should I be worried? I still think schoolboy!MCR=hawt.

They also played Tears Don't Fall. Wet!Bullet is sex. *dreamydaze* They also played all of Arms Race, the start of which I hadn't seen till then, so yay!

Adam from Taking Back Sunday is really hot isn't he?

Matt from Muse is pretty hot too isn't he?

I lost the other end for my lip ring again. Gah. Now it has nothing to hold it at all. Oops.

Saw the Mcfly vid. What. The. Fuck. Cross-dressing=sex though.

I had a dream that's going to be a fic. It's been added to the list.

I'm sure, as always, that I've missed something, so I'll just go into fic previews cause I can. Tell me what you think. There's no previiews to Mama/any chaptered fics, cause I haven't done much to them if any at all. This is mostly caause I've been doing standalone's to slowly get back into writing (and is why a lot of to-do fic's are standalones).

On to fics!

Dead!: Frankie Iero/Spencer Smith: Spencer's POV

He didn't reply, instead he reached out with both tattooed arms, pushing me roughly against the wall. He grinned wordless at me as I grunted in surprise, his eyes still glassy though they were clearly studying me. He held me against the wall pressing his body against me, so close that I could feel his cool breath on my cheeks. He seemed to smirk slightly as I started to struggle but he didn't urge me to stop, in fact, he didn't say anything. What he did do, however, was latch onto the side of my neck, his teeth digging into my skin. Naturally, my first thought was 'holy shit he's a vampire!' until I didn't feel any fangs pierce my skin. Instead he just dug his teeth into my skin, biting hard. Now I thought that he might just be very out of it and this was what got him off, not that I minded, though I could have used the warning. I tipped my head to one side slightly for him to gain better access, something he seemed to appreciate greatly as his biting became more forceful. I knew I was bleeding now, but as I had this beautiful boy close to me I didn't exactly care. That was until he yanked his head back, ripping off some of my skin and flesh with his teeth as he did so causing me to squeal in pain. He grinned at me as he chewed on my flesh, blood oozing from between his black lips.


Untitled Torchwood: Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones: Ianto's POV

He had his arms wrapped around me and he was kissing me, right there in front of everyone. At first I thought I'd comppletely lost my mind, but it felt real and he tasted real, so he had to be real didn't he? He was back, despite everything. Later he took me aside, to have a 'word' with me in his office. There wasn't much talking, but there was hot, hungry kisses and the speedy removal of both our clothes. Then he whispered against my ear, his bare body completely pressed against mine. "I want you inside me Ianto." In all the time we'd been doing this, he'd always been the one buried inside of me. If it wasn't for a certain part of him hard against my length, I'd have thought it was some sort of lack of energy that made him ask that. Not that it mattered of course, I said yes regardless.


Untitled Heroin 'Ficlet': Gerard Way/Mikey Way: Mikey's POV

My jaw practically dropped at that, I couldn't say no to a once in a lifetime oppotunity like that. Without hesitation I grapped the syringe, taking it from his hand, hearing him giggle as I did so. "Good choice little one!" He was already sliding off the couch to his knees, with a wide grin on his face as I pulled the stopper off the syringe, rolling up my sleeve to gaze at my arm. I kept telling myself that I knew how to do this, that I'd seen it happen enough times on tv to get it right. I faintly saw the raised outline of a vein and lightly pressed the needle against it, feeling it pierce my soft skin. I bit my lip hard as it entered, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I pressed the plunger down fully, the heroin emptying into my system. Gerard giggled at my actions, waiting for me to remove the needle and toss it across the room before unzipping my fly. "Good little one, you deserve everything you're going to get."


Untitled: Jared Leto/Travis Barker: Jared's POV

"How brother?" I raised an eyebrow, but didn't look away from the drummer's bare chest. "Travis is a guy, Mark is a guy. I don't see any difference between the two. Apart from you fantasise about Mark, while I only have eyes for Travis." Admittedly I didn't fully understand my brother's attraction to the bassist, just as he didn't understand my own attraction to... well anyone.

"You have eyes for anyone as long as they're drummers."


Untitled: Frankie Iero/Paul Thomas: Billy Martin: Frankie's POV

Billy's black hair was sticking out at various angles, most likely from the other's fingers tangling in the strands and tugging on them. As I edged closer I could see his beautiful, sweat-covered face contort as he cried out in pleasure. I glanced up to the larger male to study his body. He had a nice body, although most would probably say otherwise due to the size of his belly, however it turned me on. A round belly always turned me on, on any guy. As I trailed my eyes up his torso, I noted how both his nipples were fully erect, the left one pierced with a silver hoop. His arms weren't as tattooed as Billy's, but that didn't matter, he was still hot. I gazed at his face and his hair was slightly lighter then Billy's. After a few seconds though I realised something.

He was looking right at me.


Untitled: Surgery fic, castration: Ray's POV

"Good, it's settled then." I stood up and gazed over at Bob. "You heard him, bring in the patient." I crossed the room to Bob's place, giving him a light kiss before he left the room through the double doors I was sure Mikey hadn't noticed. "Little, little Frankie." I loomed in front of his trembling small body.

His raised his shaking head fearfully, gazing up at me with tear-filled eyes. "Ray... please... I'm sorry..."

"I'm not the one that you have to grovel too whore." I swifty kicked him in the face, hearing what sounded like a bone smash in his nose, blood instantly pouring from it. "Don't look up from the floor again slut, you'll find no sympathy." Mikey had clearly witness what I'd done as he was cackling from the bed with glee at seeing Frankie in pain. The guitarist clearly learned something as his gaze fell back on the floor, blood dripping onto his bruise and tattoo-covered body.


Untitled: Mikey Way/Girl!Mikey Way: Mikey's POV

The drive home was short and fairly silent. He spent the trip gazing out the window at the world whizzing past, while I was too busy concentrating on the road to say or do anything. Once I pulled up outside, I broke the lack of activity, leaning over and planting my lips on his, pushing my tongue between his soft lips and into his warm mouth. I bought my hands up to hold onto him, twirling my tongue inside his mouth, exploring the new territory. I'd only kissed my brother before now, so it felt strange to be kisisng him, but he seemed content to let me take complete control.

After a few moments, we parted for air, then silently got out of the car and I led him inside. With my hand in his, I tugged him upstairs, up into the bedroom I shared with my brother. Occupying the center of the room was a large double bed. The only other piece of furniture in the room was a large closet along one wall. Surrounding the bed were three cameras on tripods, one on either side and one at the end. "Strip and get on the bed pretty."

He nodded and smiled, starting to undo his shirt as I walked around the room, turning each camera on and making sure it had a good shot of the bed. It was on the third camera that my eyes widened at the image on the small screen. "What the fuck..."
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