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Killing me killing me

Yesterday's journey wasn't too bad, I spent the coach journey asleep so did fuck all. (Joy!) While in Birmingham though, I spent money. I got Kerrang (although Smiths didn't have it so I had to get it from Borders) and 5 Star Wars figures (£3 each from The Entertainer < 33). When I get back hom tI'll set em up next to Falcon and take loads pics (and MCR figs minus Frankie in sexual positions too).

Kerrang is a bit eh this week. Sean and Gerard are on the ssame page which makes me eee and there's a hot Bullet poster too. Next week has a FOB thing (which has a pic of Pete and Patrick saying 'the odd couple') and posters of Billy and Frankie which are just... sex.

Still, here safe and sound. It's good being here again.

Had bean wraps, pizza and stuff last night which makes me happy.

Watched the Goosebumps thing with an ickle Hayden in. He's perdy.

I'm already slashing Skins in my head and I've not seen any yet.

Saw the new Good Charlotte video. Paul and Billy = Mmmmness < 3

How can bands be voted for the best and worst thing of the same catergory? *hits NME*

A note that, while I'm here, I won't be commenting to posts as much. I'll catch up fully when home.

Going now. Was gonna do some fic previews cause guilt at not finishing any, but I'll do thmem later now. Shoulda done it last night
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