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Spend a lifetime, trying to understand

One day Gerard's going to write on himself with permenant marker that won't wash off. The question is what word will end up on his skin indefinately. My guess is a swear or a word that implies his gayness.

I seem to be misplacing things (losing is such a strong word). The green recycling bin has gone AWOL (i blame the kid downstairs, though I have no proof of this). Also, I've no idea where my ticket is. so I'm doing a panic searrch. Chances are it's near one of the bags I took last time.

I'm 80% packed though. I haven't got the device and a few other things in there, but mostly, everything is.

I'm not leaving till this afternoon (cause I can't really), so I've got enough time to sort stuff.

I was meant to stay up last night, but drifted off at two. (Stupid back wanting me to lie down). I was planning on going on Twilight Princess/writing last night, but cause I fell asleep I didn't so it looks like I can't do either before going.

Still, I'll spend an hour attempting to write so I have something done before I go and take fic to writ eon the way as always (I'm printing out the to-do list in case I get inspired on the trip).

Ugh, the trip. I can and always will, bitch about how long it is, though my main problem is that I have to make 3 changes, as opposed to the 6 hour length of the trip.

I alos hate that I have absolutely no money for the entire length of the trip. Perhaps I hate that more even as far to think: this trip will be horrible and guilt-ridden. I've even pondered not going because of it Sigh.

No sign of mail yet, but then again it's never this early anymore.

I've gotta put Pencey Prep/Twilight Princess on my pod thing before I go.

All vote in poll in last post. I like polls.

The Mcfly Attitude shoot is out Friday. Finally!

To do before I go:
*Finish teh packing
*Find ticket
*Wash stuff
*Attempt to write again
*Print out to-do list

Edit: Cause Photobucket's working...

I finally think he's hot again yay!

Yeah, we all know you are Gerard

Note the massive-as-fuck bruise, tis from Waysex

Gerard preeches kindness!

Guh.,.. and we KNOW!

This pic=hot cause it makes me think of fat!Gerard which is obviously sex
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