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We're meant for the flies

I hate mum again. She keeps confusing me grandad's out now, but he's gotta go back in a few months and a nurse is coming to see him every so often until then. She knew but said nothing again. I really must slap her.

Huzzah for having fic done today! not the one I expected or meant to but.. oh well. More fic later I hope.

Packing's not started, so that'll be done too, though it won't be much anyway so it doesn't matter.

if another The Blackout fic gets posted, I'll start a comm for them.

Now a picspam of most fandoms now.

First, the Zora Prince Ralis who is guh!

He is sex If the pic panned down you'd see Link between his legs

Speaking of Link, here is teh pretty

Ganon Who's oddly hot

Shad: aka Link's sex toy Despite looking like Potter

Sheik... dreamysigh

Mikey Way has sexeh arms

Gerard's neck shows his true nature

Ray is love!

So's Bob

"I'm a zombie!"

"Hi I'm Tom Delonge, who are you?"

Insert double ended dildo here

"Yes! We've both shagged Mikey!"

The Banner (no idea on names but middle two=hot)

Oli and Sean RAWRR!

Oli's hot


Serve it in drag (Harry=guh)

Jay's adorable
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