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Do you wake up in the morning and think: 'how can I doom the people of Hyrule today?'

I ended up asleep before I wrote anything again. Bah. Stupid chair hurting my stupid back.

Zelda is stupid (the Princess, not the game). I keep rambling to myself how stupid she is and how Sheik=infinately better then her.

There needs to be Link/Shad/Ralis porn.

And this is me not having been on Twilight Princess in ages, think how bad I'll be when I go back on again.

I had an odd dream. It was like a music video, but with no vocals. It was Lostprophets and they were dressed in school uniforms (ala I'm Not Okay) except Mike who was topless for some reason. Ian was pouncing on the other's and snogging them, while Gerard and Mikey were randomly making out in the background.


Kitty!Tom's in. He's eaten some of my doritos. I dunno if that's good for him.

I'm gonna wake up fully then write as I should have. I wanan have something done before 30 Seconds. If I don't, I think I'll go insaner.

I'm stuck with Lucozade. Sigh
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