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The body would be lighter

So I saw mum in the end and she told me what she knew. I'm still angry with her. It looks like he could pull through, but.. I dunno. It's all about having a will to live isn't it and I don't think he has that anymore.

Thanks to all that commented last post though. It means a lot.

Babu being online again=< 3

Watching Stormtroopers fall over=amusing

I listened to Pencey Prep for the first time tonight and actually like them. For some reason I didn't think I would. Fat And Alone's inspired me slightly. I have a chubby!Gee fix

Speaking of Frankie I found Black Duct Tape's lyrics ttoday and that's being ficced too. Dreamysigh a song about dragging someone into the woods and killing them is always good. Even if it's about a chick.

Good two more fics added to an already long list. Sigh.

I've done none of the things I was meant to, so I'm staying up overnight until I've got a fic to post. I ahte having posted hardly anything, then I'll be gone Wednesday < 3 Sigh.

Edited icons again.

My Body Is Your body is reopened cause've a post at discoattheslash that I didn't see. Someone asked for the fic and then people said they liked it. Therefore it's priority=heightened.

Why do I see Mikey in this?
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