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The battle is a diversion

My sleeping pattern's fucked. Who sleeps from 2-6? I'm on my last can of pepsi, therefore crankiness ahead methinks.

Celebrity Big Brother is over. Thank the goddess! Now E4 music has returned (complete with the ad for it that makes me stare at the Tv for the few seconds it's on).

If I read the word Ryden again I think I'll rip out my eyes.

I was gonna do an about me thing for the new people, but couldn't think of enough things to do for it so... yo new people, any questions then ask away. If I find a good template thing I'll do one later.

I uploaded two new icons last night.

Today I'm doing:
*(Hopefully) Short trip to Cannock to sort out the stupid Job Center shit (in the afternoon, though I may stall again)
*Finish at least one of the four fics I have open right now, hopefully two
*Post ones once finished
*Take a long look at The Time Of Our Lives
*Maybe start on one of my ideas
*Go on Twilight Princess (by go on I mean actually doing something and not just staring at Prince Ralis like I'm prone to do)
*Clean stuff and semi-pack
*Find out if there's any Waycest/Bob smut

That's just about all I'm doing today. That and pestering people.

Random facts about me:
*My oldest fandom's Star Wars
*My favourite band is My Chemical Romance
*Waycest is my only OTP and has been mentioned in almost every fic I've done with MCR in it (and a few where MCR haven't been major characters)
*I have drummer/Welshman fix
*I've written 6 different incest pairings (one of which being the only het I've written)
*Very often my favourite band member changes over time. It'll start out as the most obvious hot/pretty one, then go to one of the other's which'll be my fave indefinately
*There's only a few bands whose albums I can listen all the way through after the first few times
*I often phase out of fandoms (this has happened with Mcfly and a few others), mostly I don't return to them as a primary fandom unless something big happens
*I write a lot of random pairings
*I do frequent picspams
*Out of all the pairings I've done, Waycest is the one I believe has had something happen the most
*I think Ray and Bob need more love
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