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Signing off

So I found my Creatures disc, but it won't woerk on this comp. WTF? That makes me sad a little inside.

So what has today (well, technically yesterday) been spent doing? Well, I'll tell you:
*Writing those 3 paragraphs for Disadvantages... and then nothing more
*Watching Most Haunted: The Ghosts Strike Back... ok, so that's not it's name, but it was funny
*Burning things (I like to burnnnnnn)
*Writing odd words to fics
*Cursing comp to play Creatures
*Cursing too that Creatures 3 works fine, despite the fact that it's an inferior game to 2 (although it had so much potential)
*Finally watching the last Voyager Ep
*Played Animal Crossing
*Re-did info banners
*Hunting for The Blackout/Sean pics (sadly, the ones I was looking for didn't turn up)
*Squeeing over said pics (as Sean's wearing I support same-sex marriages tee and in another has a badge saying I < 3 anal, I love this boy even more)
*Squeeing again when my brain finally registers that two of The Blackout have the same last name and therefore are relatives leading to screams of INCEST in my brain
*Hitting the argos site repeatedly
*Squealling over thee Waycest (see last post)
*Praying to whatever deity exist that the cest is that blatent at the NIA/Wembley dates (even though last tour was pretty blatent, with the hip-to-assness that there was)
*More squealling
*Eating pizza
*Pondering going on the Wii, but realising it'd be too much effort
*Curling up on the coach
*Other... things

Yeah, right now my life is pretty much... aimless, but that's the way I likes it. Whenever I try and set myself aims, something shiny always distracts me (or if not shiny then male) and it gets pushed back. The only time I actually do get ready fr things is when I'm got to go on another of the journeys down to London, which I hate in principal (long, boring journey with baggage mostly). Sigh.

However, this journey maybe transferred to train if the thing in the paper is workable (return to London for £7.50 from Birmingham), thusly making it much faster.

Tomorrow I might do a Sean pic-spam post (cause I can), which will probably result in me running around the internet trying to prove him and Spencer are distant cousins cause of the same last name so I can squee over another incest pairing.

In case you haven't noticed, I've an incest fetish (brother-on-brother is hawt). If I had a brother as hot as Mikey I soo would. :X

Maybe my fic writing problem stems from he ones I have open aren't really incest. Hmmm, maybe I'll try a cest one instead.

If there's two good things to come from the rise of the New Galactic Empire/New Sith Order, please let them be the destruction of the Yuuzhan Vong and the Jedi Order.
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