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Maybe they should expand the gene pool

Joy. I get no really inspiration/have block for Dead! and the other standalones I've had open for days, then i open Disadvantages and write 3 paragraphs in 10 minutes. Maybe it's a sign.

Regardless, it seems Disadvantages shall be the next fic I post, even though I was adamant about ovoiding the multi-part ones until I'd done a few standalones. Damn mind having so many ideas for it that I've had to open a notepad an jot them all down.

Challenges are done for all the comm's I mentioned in my last post, so participate if you can. I think I've chosen a good-enough selection of keywords/themes for people to be flexible. Any participation shall be most welcome.

I'm gonna edit my icons again later, to add some newer ones I've done.

Mcfly's in drag again. Harry=sex

Stuff that'll be done today/tonight:
*Dead! finished
*Disadvantages part 2
*Other fic finished
*Mama started

I might join lovers_tiff_rpg cause Sean's in it. (I really love the Sean's icons and wish I had the originals, plus it's given me fic idea). Maybe I'll join as Jay, but I find it so hard to get things done already and the last rp journal I had ended up fucking up due to pettyness. Still, I love rping so... maybe. I'll consider it once I'm back from the 30 Seconds gig.

Unless anyone knows of a smut only rp.
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