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As I have foreseen

For the new people, please join:
b_paradeslash: My Chemical Romance slash
bfmvslash: Bullet For My Valentine slash
fightstar_slash: Fightstar slash
l_prophetslash Lostprophets slash

Apart from MCR, these are relatively small fandoms but we can make them bigger. I know they all have fans, so if anyone couldd join one or all and be active in any way then that'll be great (requests, picture posts, fanart, icons, fics, whatever you want). Fics are especially welcome (and cookiees to anyone that does them, cookiees and eternal gratitude), even if they're old fics you've done.

So get the word out and we can make these places more active. After all, once even geeheartmikey was a quiet place and now look at it.

Tomorrow I'll make a post in each to start a monthly contest thing which I hope'll go well.

I shall now finish what I was doing.
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