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And you'll be amazed

Curse ye brain. Although I'm working on standalones, it's deciding to give me absolutely loads of ideas for The Disadvantages Of Being A Sheikah.

Things it has given me for it:
*Why Sheik's transported to the Twilight Realm
*Ideas for Sheik's outfit(s) (yes, there's at least two, I'll need to request someone to draw them once the part's done)
*Shad's going to be in it
*Complete with a sex scene
*Why the howling stones are called that and the identity of the Golden Wolf
*Originally Sheik was just gonna end up stuck in the Twilight Realm, but now he's not
*Ralis will be in it (cause I can)

I'm still gonna wait until I've done TP before doing more, so I'll be on that soon so I can get the plot bunnies out.

Yay for Bullet recording. You just know they've had sex on the pool table in the game room. They better have Jay's bully song on the album. Is it gonna be out this year or next though? Hmmm

I need more Bullet slash, I keep dazing about it.

Ripped Zelda music = < 3

Shadow!Link's psycho laughs turn me on.

Yo to all the new people < 3
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