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In the house of cards

Madina Lake= < 3

I wish they weren't playing the main stage on the mehh day at Give It A Name. How can you play the main stage without having an album out yet anyway?

Thanks mum for changing the day's plan with two hours notice. Bah. Now I have to run to Cannock for her (why can't she do what I'm doing in Walsall) then I'll go to see nan Tuesday instead. Works fine by me.

So now this week's plan is:
*Today Cannock for about half hour
*Saturday Cannock to sort Job Centre (I'd do it today, but mum wants me to get a daysaver so she can use it, so I can't sort it today)
*Sunday Fuck all
*Monday See above
*Tuesday Go see nan//pack
*Wednesday Go to Sevenoaks (oh joy, I hate the trip but at least it'll only be one bag)
*Thursday 30 Seconds gig
*Friday-Sunday Whatever
*Monday Return journey

In all that I'll also be writing more, so that the ideas I listed in the last post will be read. The fics I have open now are in various stages of completion but one'll be posted today.

Watched Voyager last night. I like it more then the TNG for some reason.

I love chocolate cake.

I missed Skins. I hope there's a repeat soon so I can watch.

Spencer: Go live in seclusion until your hair has sorted itself out. Your head looks square and makes me think of frankenstein
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