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With smiles on our faces

Finally, after I dunno how long, there's signs of life in the new person's place: in the form of a guy in a cowboy outfit. Are we in Brokeback Mountain or something?

I hate my uncles side of the family, especially my oldest cousin. She's just ugh... I've never liked her, I prefer the other two.

I went to bed after 6 last night after watching Star Trek: TNG eps. Again, the geekdom rears it's head, but I don't care. I only woke at half one due to stuppid lawnmower outside. Honestly, who mows their lawn in winter?

I have micro-chips and Pepsi bottles again. Woop!

I wrote a large paragraph last night. The block caught me.

I wanna go on Creatures 2, but I've lost the disc. Sigh.

I got out three music dvds out to watch in a row tomorrowish:
Kylie Fever tour
Bullet For My Valentine Live At Brixton
Good Charlotte Live At Brixton

I've seen the Kylie one most (3 times), then Bullet once (though I drifted) and not seen the GC on although I've had it for a few years.

Catholics are beyond stupid. Threaten to close orphanages just to try and again exemption from the law is just... low. I'm glad they've failed.

Nan's condition has actually improved. She's out of the bed for the first time in a month. yay!

Off I go now for food.
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