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Hand Work

Hand Work
Pairing: Ian Watkins/Ilan Rubin
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ian
Notes: This idea's been in my head for almost a year now (since Give It A Name 06) when Ian said that he helped Ilan with his 'hand work'. As such, this is set last year.
Dedications: antontobias86 and megan23451

I gazed at him from across the room, watching as he lay on the bed, flicking through channels on the hotel room's Tv. He, Ilan Rubin, was our new drummer and it was I that had chosen him over the other drummers that had played for us. He played incredibly well, but there was also another quality about him that I hadn't quite discerned yet. Maybe it was the hair, which seemed to remind everyone of Ray Toro or maybe it was that he was so much younger then the other's were. I was sure it was the age difference that caused him to be so introverted and relatively shy compared to the rest of us. So I'd decided that, for the next few days, to share the hotel room's with him to try to coax him out of his shell.

He sighed softly, flicking the Tv off and tossing the remote to a nearby chair. Clearly nothing interested on any of the few channels we had available here, so I decided now would be a good time to try and talk to him. I smiled at him from the bed I was laying on and took a deep breath before speaking. "Nothing on?" He shook his head silently, resting his head back on the pillow. "Want to talk?"

"Not really." He responded, without even taking time to think about it. This was turning out to be harder then I thought.

"Oh come on, there's nothing on and nothing to do until we leave for the gig. We may as well talk." I hoped to provoke a better response then my last attempt.

He bit his lip and shifted slightly as if uncomfortable. "Fine." Ok, now that was slightly better, maybe we'd get somewhere. Trouble was, I hadn't thought of anything to talk about. Bollocks. Thankfully, he spoke up before I did. "Seeing anyone?"

"No, you?" He shook his head once. I could probably have guessed that he was single though, after all he was only 17. As I tried to think of something to say I noticed him squirming again in the silence. "Are you ok? What's with the wiggling?"

"I'm a teenager."

My eyes trailed down his body and now it was obvious, both why he didn't want to talk and why he kept shifting. He was hard, evidently so. The sight of his bulge caused my own cock start to become erect. "Want to take care of that?" He merely nodded in response. "Ok then, I'll leave you to it... that is, if you want me to?" Fuck, where did that come from?

"What?" He murmured softly, turning his head to face me for the first time in our conversation.

"I could stay and give you a hand." What the hell was wrong with me? Stop it Ian, or you'll have to find a new drummer in short notice.

"Alright." He shuffled over slightly, then patted the bed beside him.

I hopped off the bed then laid beside him. Again, what was wrong with me? I wasn't some crazed sexual predator like Gerard and Mikey both were. Then again, it couldn't hurt could it? Plus I hadn't had any in awhile so... I watched as he reached down, unzipping his fly and pushing his trousers down to his knees, exposing his bulging boxers. "Have you ever done mutual masturbation before?" He shook his head, glancing at me again.


I nodded slightly. "Among other things."

"Mmmm." He reached down for his boxers, then stilled for a moment, looking to me in question. "Should we be naked?"

"Up to you."

"I want to be." He reached for his t-shirt, pulling it up over his body and tossing it aside. He had quite a nice chest concealled beneath the material, toned slightly from all his time drumming. His small nipples were peaked in arousal. I ran a hand over his stomach, watching curiously as he shivered at my touch. I smiled, then withdrew my hand to pull off my own tee.

"I'm guessing you're never been touched by another person before Ilan." He shook his head slowly and suddenly I felt sorry for him. Had his shyness prevented him from being with anyone, or was it the result of some painful rejection? I cast my own tee aside, placing my hand on his chest again as he wiggled out of his trousers. "I'll make sure it's good for you then." I saw the trace of a smile pass his lips as I stood, undoing my jeans and pushing them down my legs along with my own boxers. His gaze seemed focussed on my gun tattoos as he hooked his fingers into his boxers, pushing them down and exposing himself to me. His cock was roughly the same size as mine, maybe a little thicker and was surrounded by a forest of thick dark brown curly hairs. His fairly large and full looking balls hung low between his legs. I mounted the bed again, resuming my position beside him. "You've got a nice package there."

He blushed at my words, glancing at my own hard member. "So do you."

"So I've been told." I smiled at him, reaching over to rub at his left thigh. I stroked the soft skin lightly, hearing him purr very softly. "Shall we begin?" He nodded slightly, clearly eager for my touch as he parted his legs. I slid my hand closer to his erection, stroking his skin with my fingers as I did so. His shyness again appeared to have taken over, as his hands haven't yet moved onto my body but that was ok for now. I wrapped my fingers around him and leisurely tugged on his length. As he moaned, I took his nearest hand with my free one by the wrist, bringing it to my own crotch. "You can touch me you know." When I noticed his gaze on mine again, his cheeks slightly flushed I knew I had to say something to encourage him. "Just do like I did to you."

Nervously he wrapped his fingers around my length before giving it a gentle stroke. "Am I doing it right?" His voice was small and soft as he spoke and for a moment I wasn't sure I'd heard him at all.

"Mmm... just like that." As I started to stroke him slow and steady our arms knocked against each other and I realised something. This may not be the best way to do this. "Wait, stop." At my words he immediatly retracted his hand, regarding me with a nervous look again.

"Did I do something wrong..."

"No, not at all. I just figured this might not be the best way to go about this." I smiled down at him, letting go of him for a moment as I stood and went to my bed. I picked up my pillows, then returned to his bed, climbing between his legs and laying so my legs were either side of his body. The pillows, I placed behind me to keep me up. The first time I'd done this (with my cousin, Matt) had been without pillows and I'd end up falling off the bed as I came. "This way will work better." I smiled at him to reassure him, reaching forward to take his cock in hand again, eager to continue where we'd left off. So was he apparently, as he reached over and did the same to my length without being asked. His grip was slightly tighter then before, but that wasn't a bad thing. He tried to keep the same slow, steady pace that I was using on him and was, for the most part, suceeding. I stroked him slightly faster now, rubbing my thumb over his leaking head with every other stroke. He was making soft groans of pleasure now and his hand kept trying to copy my movements. "That's it... don't press your thumb so hard now... that's better." I purred softly as he got the pressure just right, his thumb lightly pressing against my slit. "Tell me what you're thinking Ilan."

"How hot your tattoo's will look once you've shot your load over them." I shivered at his answer, bucking my hips slightly into his hand. He wouldn't be the first person who'd thought about that and probably wouldn't be the last. My reaction seemed to please him as his fingers tightened slightly around me. "You?"

"I'm thinking about what you'll look like as you cum and about how it'll taste on my tongue when I lick it off your hips." He moaned loudly at my words, clearly aroused as his hips bucking in a similar fashion as mine had a few moments ago. "I bet you're close now huh?" He merely nodded, arching his hips back up again as he watched our movements. "Use your other hand on my balls, like this." I reached over with my free hand, ghosting my fingers over the wrinkled skin before cradling them in my hand, stroking very lightly. His body visibly shivered I pleasure at my actions, but he managed to summon up the will to bring his hand over to my own sac and do to me as I did to him. I purred softly at his gentle touch, he was a fast learner. A lot like Lee was. I trailed my eyes over his sweat covered torso, licking my lips at the sight before returning my gaze to his hardness.

"Ian... I'm close." His eyes were fluttering closed as he bucked his hips once more, his balls contracting up slightly. I stopped using my thumb now, concentrating solely on rapidly stroking him. His own hand was copying mine, our motions a blur as we bought each other off. With a groan of my name he arched his back, raising his hips into the air as he started to spray his load. The sticky white substance fountained out from his cock, landing on his hips and stomach, some of it dripping down his length to coat my fingers and his pubic hair.

The moment he started to cum, his fingers tightened around me and the additional pressure, coupled with the sight of him orgasming, set me off too. "Ilan..." I trembled as the first few spurts shot out of my head, landing squarely on my gun tattoos. The rest of the spray landed between them, with the last few drops covering Ilan's hand as his load had covered mine. I panted softly as my fingers released him, bringing my hand to my lips to taste him.

"That was..."

"I know." I smiled at him, extending my tongue to slap at the sticky, salty cum from my fingers. He watched me for a moment curiously, before removing his own hand from me to taste my load. I studied his face, trying to guage his reaction to it, but when none was clear I spoke up. "What do you think?" He chose not to respond my words, but instead leaned forward and started to lap at my stained tattoos. "Mmmm..." His tongue licked up every drop of cum it could find before he resumed his earlier position, allowing me to return the favor. He tasted stronger then I was used to, but I loved it and eagerly cleaned every drop from his sharp hips and soft belly. I gazed up at him once I was finished, a few drops of his seed staining my lips.

"I definately want to do this again..." He purred softly, locking eyes with my own, his tongue swiping over his lips.

"Oh we shall, but next time I'll teach you about oral." Before he could form a response, I planted my lips on his and slide my tongue between them into his warm, willing mouth to taste myself. As his tongue twirled around my own I knew that this wouldn't be the last time.
Tags: fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/ilan rubin, ilan rubin, lostprophets, slash, the new regime
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