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Let it cut to the bone

I hate the cold. Apaprently it snowed last night, but not that much. If you collected all the snow on the street you'd only have enough to make a midget snowman's head.

Ilan=more love now.

After Will And Grace and The Simpsons, I watched Star Trek (yes I'm a geek) and only went to sleep at almost 6.

Got up about half hour ago and decided to waddle off to get Kerrang/NME. Various things in them:
*A proper Enter Shikari pic at last. Two of em look cute
*THE BLACKOUT! < 33 Squeee! A new pic too. Sean's hot. Although their eyes are odd.
*Kids In Glass Houses/Madina lake look quite attractive too and their names ring a bell somewhere
*Kerrang hopes Frankie gets well soon
*Posters Pete and Good Charlotte areboth on the same thing, so I have to pick. bah
*Hot sweaty Frankie pic (which makes me think babu's involved with kerrang now just to get me to like him more)
*A one-page thing about how MCR's song's were written (which I haven't read yet)
*Cute FOB pic with Patrick resting his ehad on Pete's shoulder
*A tiny tiny tiny 30 Seconds pic
*The one from Skins being compared to Gerard
*Next (Kerrang) issue there's Bullet and FOB again
*Who are The View?
*I wanna cuddle Pennie (who knew he's given up booze?)
*Very new MCR photo shoot (which had to be don eiin a cold place due to tree with no leaves)
*A knew all the 'little-known facts' (does that mean they're not little-known or that I know too much?)
*I haven't read the interview yet
*Mikey looks odd but cute in his individual pic
*In the group shot you can't see Ray's lips, while Mikey looks angry in it (with ihis fist clenched)
*It's strange seeing Gerard with dark hair
*There's a blatent Waycest pic (with them close together and Gerard's eyes RIGHT ON Mikey) which made me uber-uber-squee

So there you go. Oddly, looking through both about 90% of the ads are the same. I still don't like NME (mostly as, if it wasn't for MCR I wouldn't be remotely interested in it and a little interview with pennie wouldn't be enough to make me buy it). Most of the bands in it aren't that good (those are the ones I know) and they only seem to have latched onto MCR (as well as Panic!) because of how big they've gotten. Whereas Kerrang knew they'd be big before they became big and thusly devoted a lot of time to both.

Today I'll be finishing the fic (which has gotten longer then I planned), finish another and maybe take pictures of stuff. Maybe.
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