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What's that got to do with anything?

It's been so cold here, I've just been laying on the sofa with the blanket. Naturally, I fell asleep and didn't want to move when I woke. Sigh.

It's still cold now, but warmer then before so... eh.

I added two more icons.

I think I'll put on Will And Grace while I write.

Tommorrow I'm going to track down Final Fantasy: Advent Children. I've lost it and know it's gotta be around here someplace. Thing is, where? I'm sure it was on my dvd shelf (before it got messed around) and I haven't seen it since. it's frustrating the hell outta me.

I need to find Lostprophets slash to read. That and AFI slash. And... I'm sure there's a something else slash.
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