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Killing before killing was cool

It seems that, whoever wins the next American election, the war will end and the troops will be withdrawn. Finally.

This has always been Americas war, fought for the wrong reasons. A war that dragged our soliders into it, when Amerca had able resources to go about the war on it's on. A war where each strike has seemingly killed more civilians then the 'enemy'.

I hope one of the more forward-thinking canidates wins though, as opposed to Bush who was generally no-thinking.

Onto what this post was supposed to be about. Well, what I can remember about it.

I slept till 12, then was woke by the phone 3 times before going back to bed and curling up till a few minutes ago. I don't sleep anymore until between 4 and 6.

Going over in a few for sushi and to use the phone, for about an hour.

Close to finishing a fic, so that'll be done at about 5 GMT.

I need to get NME as well as Kerrang tomorrow.
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