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They never had the time

Watched about half of Empire last night, then drifted to sleep. That means I've done so during 4 of the 6 Star Wars films.

Woke at 11 when I had to leave at 11:45. Therefore there was veryyy little time to get ready.

It was an odd, long and tiring day.

I saw nan and sorted out the VCR, which had nothing really wrong with it and spent most of the time with her just sitting in the chair. She looks better then she did, but still is very quiet and hardly talks (and when she does it's very rarely understandable). She is, however eating and at least the place looks better then the hospital did.

There was random snow for two two minute periods while we were there. It was very odd. After she ate it was on to Walsall.

Got all the versions of the MCR singles. The LP's are odd and square. I like My Way Home Is Through You, though I've only heard it once. I wish Kill All Your Friends was on the cd as well though.

Argos still had none of the new Star Wars stuff, sadly.

Got a new light randomly and doritos as well as Pepsi.

Nowhere has the Wii still. When is it gonna be baack in stock? It's been about a month already.

I keeping have these odd thoughts where I have a kid, a little girl. I think it's due to me not wanting this half of the family line to end with me. Funny, as I've never really cared before.

I'm gonna write fic now and set up the light, the doritos and Empire At War.

I miss poking babu online.
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