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Waiting in the sky

Going to put Empire Strikes Back on in a few. I've had a major inspiration surge in the past hour, which has caused me to write a load.

Decided to do a quick list of the standalones I've decided I shall do to ease me back to writing (so I can return to chaptered ones which I have to finish by the end of next week hopefully). So, in no particular order (after the first two):
*Fluffy (Finished, follow-up soon)
*One Night (Finished)
*Hand Work
*Untitled Link/Ralis
*Untitled fic that I started the other day
*Untitled Mikey/Girl!Mikey
*Untitled Jared/Travis
*One of the ficlets

Then the chaptered fics shall be done as follows (in this order):
*The Time Of Our Lives
*MCR Surgery fic
*MCR Sacrifice fic
*My Body Is Your Body
*The Hunt
*What To Do With The Dead
*Deaf And Dumb
*Cause I See You Lying Next To Me

By the time I've done all that it'll be time to go for a few days for the 30 Seconds gig.

After that it'll be continuing the chaptered fics plus the ones I've missed (Link/Dark!Link, The Disadvantages Of Being A Sheikah, Where The Wild Roses Grow etc). I've gotta note down the ideas for 5 Dreams (the basic idea of it is from the Buffy ep Restless), so I'll do that now.
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