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In case God doesn't show

This is my fav song off Infinity On High. It's strange how that with some albums I can have definite favorites (Infinity and Eighteen Visions) yet on others (Three Cheers and The Black Parade) it's much harder to decide and it changes.

I've spent most of today on Empire At War. I love that game. I blew up thirteen planets before IG-88 made my Death Star II blow up. Sigh. I love the game's sense of destruction and death. I could spend forever making planets explode or crushing people meant the legs of AT-ATs or the wheels of a TIE Mauler.

I hope that Lucasarts see the wisdom of doing a Clone Wars-era version. I'd love to slaughter clones and Jedi with the various Separatist war machines. Well, unless they include Kit (or Glee Anselm for that matter).

But I digress. It might not even be done. Sigh, but I boy can hope.

The night's been mostly spent watching Most Haunted Almost Live, which ran an hour longer then I expected (or was listed). Yvette screaming constantly makes me want to punch her more and more. Whenever Derek's right it's very odd. I don't believe he could remember everything that he says, especially details that are only recorded on scraps of paper in archives.

I'm making more icons now, so I may lose some of the ones I have. Sigh.

I've done no writing either really. Mostly as I can't decide which to finish first. Hmmm.

Tomorrow I'll be in Walsall from 12, getting Famous Last Words and, hopefully, new Star Wars figs.

The Uk top 40 chart surprises me. Busted fans couldn't manage to get them back into it, but some however Billie Piper has gotten to 17. Would someone explain this to me?
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