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One Night

One Night
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Frankie Iero/Jay James
POV: Frankie
Prompt: 33: Cuddle
Notes: Jay really does say man a lot (check Bullet's live dvd and you'll hear). This turned out far longer then I originally intended, but I don't really care. there's a tiny tiny bit of Welsh (which I hope I've used correctly) as Jay's Welsh
Dedications: antontobias86 and anyone who reads

I stood outside his apartment in Bridgend, staring into the front windowpane of his door. I hadn't seen him for months now and wasn't quite sure what to expect. Sure, we'd spoke on the phone several times since our last encounter, but that wasn't the same was it? I watched my breath in the cold night air, wrapping my arms around myself. It always strange being here, sneaking off from the others in a rental car and driving until I arrived here. Sometimes the drive was long, like when I saw him when we were here for Give It A Name last year. Other times it was short, like whenever our tour took us to Cardiff. The others didn't know why I'd disappear though and I made sure to keep it that way.

We'd met at the 05 Kerrang awards and somehow if we hadn't met then I don't think we'd have met at all. We'd met at the after show party. Gerard and Mikey had gone off together, as had Ray and Bob, so I was just on my own, something that I'd gotten used to now. I was at the bar, drinking quietly and he hopped on the barstool beside me. At first, I paid no attention to him, but then he spoke up, his voice quiet and soft, not like what I would have expected at all. "Hey man."

I remember gazing at him before replying. His hair had lost the spiked-up look it had had when he collected his award earlier that night so it was generally all over the place. "Hey."

Then was a long silence, during which I remembered wanting him to just go away and leave me alone. Then he broke the silence. "You're the guitarist in My Chemical Romance right?"

"One of them. I'm Frankie." I remember drinking then, watching his face as he smiled at me, then decided to reply. "And you're from Bullet For My... something or other."

"Valentine." He'd replied with that same smile, gazing at me intently. "I'm they're bassist. Jay."

And then we got to talking about all kinds of things. We realised that we were really in the same sort of boat. Although his band hadn't paired off, they were, well, sex fixated. Apparently, that night Matt had a made a bet (the full details of which I was never able to get from Jay) that night which was to see who'd get the most 'shags' that night. Of course, I didn't know what a shag was and he wouldn't tell me. Gerard later informed me (as he was much better with all the British slang) that it meant sex. Then he laughed at me for not knowing, saying something about making me watch Austin Powers or something.

Regardess though, Jay wasn't interested in bedding as many people as he could and had to be shoved over to the bar before talking to me. Literally shoved. One thing led to another and another and then we ended up at the hotel where we were both staying. At first we were gonna go to his room, as it was closer to the ground floor, but once we got in the elevator we started kissing and didn't get off, so we ended up in mine instead. We were both naked within two minutes of entering the room. Surprisingly, I'd ended up inside him, thrusting away into the night. It had surprised me only cause of his muscles and general appearence, but it soon became obvious that he was much more comfortable being a bottom then a top, especially after later encounters. After we both came we just lay in bed, his fingertips tracing the patterns of my tattoos on my chest. We didn't speak for at least an hour, but it didn't seem to matter. When he did, it was to ask to stay and, obviously, I said yes. Then we spoke into the night, about all kinds of random crap, until we fell asleep in each others arms after another round of sex.

Next morning I woke up and he was still there, which I hadn't expected at all. Not that I minded of course. Then things happened all over again.

That was approaching two years ago now. We'd meet up whenever we could, but most of our contact was via hours-long phone calls. We knew though, that as a relationship, we couldn't work, as much as we both wanted it too. So we didn't try to make it work. We both knew we couldn't truely be together for years at least, as both our careers would keep us away from each other. Even if one of us gave it all up, then it still wouldn't be enough. Jay insisted I stayed in MCR, refusing to let me give up on my dream just for him. So I didn't. Still, I wish I had the safety that Gerard and Mikey had. The safety that they'd always be together no matter what. They didn't have an ocean seperating them 95% of the time.

I often wondered what would have happened if things were different. But then again, if they were then we'd never have met in the first place.

So it wasn't all bad.

Slowly, the door opened and I smiled at the sight that greeted me. Jay was naked and wet, with a towel leisurely wrapped around his waist. Some of his hair had flopped over his face, covering one of his brown eyes, but he didn't seem to care. A grin was plastered over his face. "Frankie! Man, you're here." He wrapped his strong arms around my body, squeezing me tightly and soaking my jacket but I didn't care. His lips were on mine, his tongue dancing over mine and circling my lip ring for a few moments before we parted. "I didn't think you'd be here til tomorrow, man."

I shrugged simply, running my hands over the soft skin of his exposed back. "I wanted to surprise you. Seems I picked the right moment too."

His cheeks flushed pink at that. "I wanted to look my best for you."

"You do right now. Wet and near-naked. Though it does make me feel a tad overdressed." I winked at him and he responded by holding me tighter, pulling me inside his home. He so rarely used his strength that it always surprised me when he did, but it was always a turn-on. Then again, so was seeing him practically naked.

"Then perhaps we should change that." His voice was a cross between a purr and a low growl. If my cock wasn't already hard and leaking, then his words would've made it so. He slowly moved both his hands around my body, using one to pull down the zipper of my jacket and then both to pull it down and off my body, revealing my t-shirt clad torso. His hands, which were now pretty much dry, ran up my arms and down my body, tugging at the base of the tee to pull it up and off me. I raised my arms up to aid him and he planted a kiss on lips once the clothing was over my head. Once my body was fully exposed to him, he cast it aside, running his palms over my inked skin as he crashed his lips on mine again. Our rings dug into each other's lips and once again I was glad that they were far enough apart to avoid crashing together and becoming intertwined.

He pulled back after a few minutes, gasping for air. His hands trailed down my chest, tracing patterns over my sweaty skin until they reached my pants. His large fingers made short work of the button and fly that held them up and with seconds they were sliding down my legs to the floor, leaving me only in my boxers and socks. "Much better." He took another step back, a satisfied grin on his face as he studied my body. I often wondered if he did that just to see if I had gotten a new tattoo or piercing between our visits. "Now we're about even, man."

I nodded, stepping out of my pants before bending down and quickly undoing my trainers. As I slipped my feet out of them, pushing my socks off as I did so, I felt his eyes on me still. Once I was out of them I straightened up, then took a step forward, running my fingers over his wet skin. "How about you drop that towel?"

He shook his head, some droplets of water flying from his fluffy hair as he did so, his lips forming into a smirk. "No, drop your boxers first."

I blinked, but quickly realised that this must be one of the few days where he actually felt like being dominant so I knew I had to go with the flow to make it last. "As you wish." Reaching down, I hooked my thumbs in my boxers, pushing them down slowly just to tease him. My cock sprang up as soon as it was released, it's tip shining already with precum. Once my boxers were low enough to expose my balls I let them go, allowing them drop to the floor. "Now you."

He pulled apart the knot holding the towel up, letting that drop to his feet as I had my boxers. His large cock stuck straight out from his body and shone just like mine. "Suck it man." I didn't need to be told twice. I slid down to my knees in front of him, leaning in close to plant a kiss on the leaking tip, before swiping my tongue over it to taste. His precum and cum always tasted so much salty then any I'd had before. I often wondered if it was something to do with his diet or if it was just how it tasted over here. I kept meaning to ask Gerard whenver he decided to go into a rant about how Mikey tasted, but it always slipped my mind. I circled my tongue over his sensitive head, grinning as I heard him groan in pleasure. I traced my tongue over his slit lightly from top to bottom before taking the full head between my lips. I heard him groan again above me, his fingers tangling in my hair. "That's it..." I closed my eyes, sliding my lips down his thick shaft inch by inch until my nose nuzzled his curly hairs. I pressed my tongue against his underside, slowly moving back and circling my tongue around the head once it was the only part of his length between my lips. I opened my eyes, glancing up at him as I sucked back down to the base again watching his reaction. He purred in pleasure, tugging on my hair. "Faster..." I nodded as best I could, moving my head up and down his cock steadily faster so my throat got used to it. I reached up, palming his balls as I sped up even more, my head now bobbing up and down his cock every few seconds. The sound of my movements, coupled with his groans and moans of pleasure, were the only sounds that filled the room. I only stilled when I heard his soft voice speak up. "Do that thing you do." I nodded, keeping about half of his length in my mouth as I started humming. Although I rarely sucked his cock because he told me to, I often asked if I could and he never said no. When I first sucked him I hummed I'm Not Okay and every time after I'd hum a different song. This time I'd decided upon The Sharpest Lives. As I hummed, occasionally flicking my tongue against him, I kept my eyes on his face, lightly squeezing his balls and using my other hand to caress his tummy. I hadn't even reached the second verse before he spilled his load, moaning my name as he filled my mouth. I pulled back so I just had the head within my mouth, swallowing quickly everything he was spurting. Only when I was satisfied he'd stopped spraying the salty fluid did I pull off from his cock.

"I love the taste of your cum baby." I purred, licking my lips to make sure none of it had escaped my tongue.

"I know man." He smiled, panting softly and patting my head very lightly. "Come to the bedroom, I need you inside me."

I nodded, standing in front of him and kissing him lightly, then letting him lead me to his room. Apparently his dominant side was short lived, but I didn't mind. I was just glad I got that much. I followed him to his room, passing through his living room on the way. I eyed the leather couch which we'd both found was not the best place to fuck on due to the sweat making the leather extremely slippery. I recalled how Jay had almost slide of the couch mumbling something about how Matt should have warned him about this. I smiled at the memory, shaking my head slightly as we entered his room. The room was completely dominated by his large double bed, which was easily big enough to accomodate us both. I moved behind him and pushed him back onto the bed. He groaned softly in surprise, before rolling onto his back and parting his legs, scooting towards the edge of the bed where I stood. "Do you need prepping baby?"

He seemed to considered the question for a moment, before shaking his head. "No man, I used that dildo you got me this morning." I smiled again at that, remembering when I gave him that. It was one of the make-your-own dildo things, so it was a replica of my dick. Sure I had to take a day off to get it done, but the way his face lit up when he opened it was priceless. "Just spit at my hole and I'll lick your cock, man. i can't wait much longer."

I nodded, climbing onto the bed beside him, holding my hardness above his face. He extended his pierced tongue, swiping it along the underside of my length from base to tip a few times, each lick coating a different part of my length with saliva. After a few strokes he stopped and I climbed off the bed. "Spread your cheeks." His hands reached down, holding his asscheeks open, exposing his hole for me. It was clearly slightly stretched so I collected saliva in my mouth and spat at his hole quickly three times, watching as the clearly fluid covered his ring. I held my cock at the base, aiming it for his entrance. I took a deep breath, thrusting my hips forward and burying half of my length up his ass. He moaned my name loudly in what sounded like a mix of pain and please, but I knew the pain part would go soon. I held onto his hips as he wrapped his legs around my waist, working myself fully inside him. "Ok baby?"

"Yes..." He nodded, his cock semi-hard against his stomach already. "Start moving... please."

I could never resist him begging, even if it was just a little bit. I pulled out all the way, slamming back inside him hard causing him to cry out in pleasure. One of my hands moved to his length, my fingers trailing along his sensative dick, urging him to harden fully. It didn't take long for him to achieve full hardness in my palm. A second after he became fully hard he cried out in pleasure. "Fuck! There, right there!" Clearly I hit his spot, so I made sure the next thrust was angled the same way as the last one. His hands clawed at the bedsheets as he cried out again, squeezing tight around my length, making it clear that I'd hit it again. I lay over him, stroking him in time to my rough thrusts as our lips crashed together. I forced my tongue between his groaning lips, twirling it around his own pierced flesh, using my free hand to hold me up. Our lips only left each other's to gasp for air and curs. I knew that we wouldn't last very long, especially as his hole purposely twitched intently around my aching dick.

"Cnynch cadlas!" Now I knew that this would all be over soon, he only he started saying things in his native tongue when he was close. I kept meaning to ask him to teach me a few words so I knew what he was saying but again I forgot to ask. I rubbed my thumb over his wet head, pumping my hand quicker over his slick shaft as I kept my fast, rough pace inside him. He ached his back, moaning my name as he sprayed over his belly and my hand. His orgasm case his ass to clentch like crazy, which bought me off as well, my load filling his insides.

I collapsed on top of him, panting softly, not caring that his sticky cum was now sticking my tattooed chest to his. His legs fell from around my waist allowing him to move so that he was laying fully on the bed, bring me up it with him. As I glanced down I noted that a sticky trail of cum had leaked from his ass but that didn't matter now. "You were amazing baby."

"Mmm... so were you man." He wrapped his arms around my waist, holding me close to him. "Love you man."

"Love you too." I sighed contentedly, cuddling up to his warm body and I wished that every night would end like this, with me enveloped by his embrace.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, frankie iero, frankie iero/jay james, jay james, my chemical romance, slash
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