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I only think in the form of crunching numbers

There's a weird nation's 100 album thing on TMF right now. It's weird cause the people that are talked too (which have ranged from Matt Willis to Green Day to Ian Watkins to Kylie). The really strange thing is that some of the interviews are clearly recent (ie Matt) while others are blatently older (ala Kylie) making it to be a very strange thing.

I've wrote many paragraphs. Fic'll definately be done tonight. It's longer then I expected though.

FOB's album was leaked. Naturally I downloaded it. I love it.

Apparently Tom Delonge is in the Arms race video. I must look out for him.

I think MSN's gone all screwy again. Sigh.

Poll will be sorted tomorrow. I fear I'll be too lazy o sort it tonight.

Lightwhips > Lightsabers

Things to do:
*Watch The Empire Strikes Back
*Watch Blood: The Last Vampire
*Play Twilight Princess
*Watch Bullet Live
*Watch the Clone Wars (both volumes)
*Go on Animal Crossing daily
*Restart comp (later, after fic)
*Pop to Cannock (Monday)
*See nan and get the MCR singles (Monday)

Anyone in American, could you please pplease look in Walmart clearences for this:

Someone got it for $6.50 and I haven't seen it over here (plus it'd be a lot more here). So if anyone could get it for me I'd completely send you a cheque or something to pay you back. (Also, any other cheap Star Wars would be nice, but I don't expect any others so..)
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