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A step to the left

A note to any Star Wars novel writers/graphic novel writers:
Nautolans are hot. Do more with them.

I must find Legacy 7 (ironically I held it when we were in the sci-fi shop) as there's a Nautolan Sith in there somewhere.

I'm on a Bullet kick for some reason. Possibly cause I spent the last half hour at the field with their album on. Seems the wind damage is less then I expected, which is good. Some trees were still broken up though.

Once I'm done on Civilization 3, I'll spend the day writing. I've 6 fics open, I intend to have at least one finished today.

I didn't get much sleep though, I slept for an hour then started gsame, then went back to sleep at 4-5ish, then woke at 9 by thta bloody phone ringing. I've started sleeping on the sofa now though. The bed's always far too cold at night, so at least here's warm.

I dunno what's happening with Give It A Name. I dropped Kerrang over before I went to the field with Danny and I don't thing they got the hint. Bah, I swear I need a neon sign.

I'll be sorting money Monday. I wanna be sure the gales aren't gonna start up again before I go.

Speaking of Monday: Famous Last Words is out < 3 Buy it, so that MCR can have another Number 1.
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