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Eighteen years!

Things I accomplished tonight:
*Typed up fic I wrote, gah I hate physically writing (there's so many crossed out words)
*Pestered babu
*Cursed MSn
*Gazed at Star Wars stuff on e-bay
*Craved Star Wars stuff on e-bay
*Got annoyed by bint
*Arranged my Star Wars figs (well most of them, some keep falling over, the bastards)
*Watched Most Haunted < 33
*Hit Aol
*Made new icons
*Uploaded some of said new icons
*Dazing over Kit being a Sith... *dreamysigh*
*Got fixated by this song (listening to it 10 times=fixation)
*Spent 10 minutes removing things from playlist (mostly Blink, doubles of songs and ones I'm eh about)
*Stared at fics blankly a lot
*Made this post

Vote in poll pweese? I'll stop paying attention to it in 24 hours so.. vote now.
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