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It's flow seems different for each person

Gale force winds have swept the country. As well as most of the garden at nan's. I spent the day over there (unexpectedly) pretty much to keep an eye on grandad. That and get bored to death and think a lot. I also started a fic which is three pages long (don't get excited, it's only a notebook). I'll type it up soon.

Onto the things I thought about.

If I marry I want to wear this. I want it to be in the early summer/late-spring and for there to be no religious crap involved. Any later weddings would involve a less complex outfit like this or this

However it depends on the time of year and such which I use. I've always wanted to (if I married) to wear one of her outfits though so...

When I get the house, I'll be keeping it, even if I move away. I'll alter it slightly and make sure my uncle/cousins don't go near it.

End thoughts.

Can anyone find me Good Charlotte smut? Especially if it's got Paul in it.
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