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Tomorrow will be another 6 hour trip. Joy.

The time's gone fast and slow at the same time, it's strange.

Most thinks are packed. Haven't packed notebook and Gerard yet though.

Completed (pretty much) Rayman. BUNNIES!

We went to Sevenoaks today. Spent an hour there and I got the Manga mag thing, yoinked the posted from Play Music and babu got me a notebook, Dead End and ickle bunny keychain.

Bunny's=< 3

Zero climbed up my arm after waxworms. I've never seen him move so fast. He's adorable.

We just watched Acaia, which is a Korean film. All Korean films are confusing (R-Point, A Tale Of Two Sisters, this).

I have a list of things to do when I get back, mostly involving writing (I feel so bad for doing so fucking little when there's so much to do). Also there's a list of Dvds to watch too (Bullet, Kylie, Blood, Empire Strikes Back etc).

I'm gonna try and go to the Expo in Telford on the 24th of next month. IANTO! It'll be payback as mum takes me to loads of dull bear shows in Telford.

We're gonna watch Queer As Folk US I think now. I don't think babu'll stay awake all night though. I want to, in hopes of finishing what I've got on here before I go. If not though, I'll save it to the device in the morning.

I'll try and do a standalone on the trip.

It's always weird saying bye.
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