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And I remember...

Today's been odd.

Kylie's sick. This makes me very sad (though I'm not surprised, she has worked far too hard too soon). I know that she'll be ok though, cause she's a little fighter.

No idea if MCR was on T4 at all. It doesn't seem to be anywhere, so maybe they meant next week (when they're on Popworld).

Most of today was taken up with the Mcfly top 100 number 1's thing. First of all wtf is wrong with the chart? Who came up with it? The vast majority of it was shit (and included the ketchup Song and Mmm Bop) and there were some glaring ommissions. American Idiot. Any of Busted's. Some other Mcfly's. Welcome To The Black Parade. All The Things She Said. Spinning Around. Whoever choose that chart knows shit. Why were so many 80's songs in there? It was just... ugh.

But yay at Kylie being 1.

Mcfly were funny though. Danny is a complete idiot (what was with his hat?) Harry was a complete whore (staring at whoever was sat next to him, plus the quote with Dougie 'I'll be with you in a minute big boy') and then him messing up. Dougie was adorable ('We're Mcfly, well the best ones anyway' him and Harry). Tom was amusing too ('We're Busted'). And Dougie's tongue should get a career, especially as he apparently 'pulled a muscle' in it. Oh and he said cest too. < 3

Ah, they still manage to amuse me. And Harry is just... mmmm.

I'm sure I've missed something too.

Mum was, as always a bitch. She called and spent about 10 minutes just yelling. I'm sure she hurt my ear. She wanted me home tomorrow, but I negotiated (read as lied) to go back Tuesday. So that's when I'm going back home. Bah I hate the trip. She doesn't know about 30 Seconds, so the trip down for it shall probably just be for a day or two.

I'll try and finish the fic I've started here to post it before then, but I dunno if I'll find the time.

Babu taught me some guitar. I can now play 4 chords! Hurray! I can do A, D, E and E minor. I'm so proud of myself. < 3 I just did A again. Yay!


Food now, then Most Haunted Almost Live (which we recorded while Kylie was on).

This=best song on album. It's just brilliant.
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