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You'll never get to heaven if you're scared of getting high

Today's been like yesterday. I woke up, then fell asleep again. I'm not sure if MCR were on T4 today, I'm betting they're on tomorrow instead.

Popworld was pretty much shit, which it always is now, but Pennie is love. He said incest. < 3 I love him more (see how little things can make me love people more?)

Babu got that new Rayman game, the one with the bunnies. It's love. The bunny's are so cute! I spent a good 2 hours on it. < 3 I love the ones where you shoot bunnies with plungers. < 3

Kylie was on tonight. She's amazing as always. She looked fantastic and was much more energetic then I thought she'd be. She played a new song, plus, most of what she wore was shiny. Shiny is good. Plus her dancers are hot. Hot, scantily clad guys (clearly well endowed) thrusting their hips and doing homoerotic dances. This is why I love her. Plus for the last part the dancers were Cybermen-like. Complete with the head thing.

Basically it was 2 and a half hours of me being in one place singing like an idiot. Well, i am an idiot so....

It reminded me of when I had the priveledge to see her in 05. I'd waited about 4 years to see her then and I'll gladly wait another 4 to see her again if I have to. Though getting tickets was a nightmare. I took a day off college to try and get them. Ah, good times.

I'll be here another day or two. Depending on how much mum annoys me when I call her. She annoys me, I stay till Tuesday. She'll annoy me, it's my mum we're talking about here.
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