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Last night, I forgot to tell you

Today I slept late. Well, by sleeping late I mean woke at near 9 cause I was cold, wondering around aimlessly, then going back to bed with a new blanket till 2.

I tried to write but I was freezing my ass off so...

Today's been pretty... 'where has the time day gone?'ish

We watched the BBC Dracula (which is better then I thought it would be... and Marc Warren's hot). It's so different from other versions I've seen though, which makes me wonder which version added/taken away what. Hmm.

After thet I watched Simpsons and slept again. I seem to have a knack for sleeping. It's almost scary.

I didn't finish writing last night. I started feeling guilty/bad so I stopped. Also the fic's turning out longer then I expected. I'll do more tonight.


I shrugged simply, running my hands over the soft skin of his exposed back. "I wanted to surprise you. Seems I picked the right moment too."

His cheeks flushed pink at that. "I wanted to look my best for you."

"You do right now. Wet and near-naked. Though it does make me feel a tad overdressed." I winked at him and he responded by holding me tighter, pulling me inside his home. He so rarely used his strength that it always surprised me when he did, but it was always a turn-on. Then again, so was seeing him practically naked.

Anyone in the Uk at some point on T4 MCR are gonna be on. Squee! I wish I knew when though. Still, I'll be up for Kylie anyway so...

I leave with this.

List five songs that begin with the letter given to you and explain why you picked them. Comment and I shall give you a letter.

I got S from hues_of_life

01: My Chemical Romance - Sleep
This was the third to last song I heard on The Black Parade and I think it's just... brilliant.

02: Fall out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down
One of the first FOB songs I think I heard, and I liked it instantly. The vid makes no sense at all to me though.

03: Lostprophets – Start Something
Seize the day, the one that you left behind
For some reason I just love that bit. It's one of their best songs from thet album.

04: Son of Dork - Sick
I like it cause it's... darkish. If all their songs had been like this then they'd have done better. They were far too hyper and happy most of the time.

05: Kylie - Slow
I had to have a Kylie song on this (like I had to have an MCR one). I like the video, there's hot guys. When I first heard it, I wasn't sure I liked it, but it grew on me.

That was harder then normal cause I don't have my playlist.
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