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And it's just become your nightmare

We did go to Bromley today. Hooray!

Well, less horray due to lack of money and not much in the Sci-fi shop (though the later might be good considering...).

Anyway, the trip was fairly productive. Babu got me things again (a perdy Zelda wristband, Eighteen Visions album and one of the Raoul singles) and we had Mcdonalds. Rock Sound's poll is love. But also odd. Very, very odd. Pete looks evil. It has a Bullet thing (although it's just Moose) about the new album. It made me squee.

Jay's written a song about being bullied and getting your own back on the bully by slicing bits off them!

< 33 This is why I love Jay. He's just... brilliant.

And idea giving.

Must find clearer Eighteen Visions pictures then in the album. If only so I can comment on how hot they are. Or how hot one of them is in comparison to the others.

I still must get the Kylie live cd. Kylie is love.

Opiate For The Masses, anyone got their album(s)?

I forgot that in Kerrang there was an ad for the 30 Seconds gig. Oops.

The new Windows Media Player scares me. I dun like it.

No sign of ghost yet tonight... though it only made itself known in the early hours so that's not much comfort.

I'm writing and not leaving the comp until I can post this fic. So nyeh. (Well, have enough to post that is). Probably do the same tomorrow too.

Why do some girls go out with really arsey straight guys that do nothing but get drunk.. as well as being extremely ugly?

Edit: If wikipedia's Give It A Name page's line-up is accurate, then I'll definately be there. The one's recently added bring the numbers of bands I want to see up enough to justify going to all three days. Though which venue I'll go to is... uncertain. I'd definately prefer the NIA to Earl's Court, for a large number of reasons. As always though, it's line-up dependant. If a few choice names are added to the list, I'll be dragged back here. If it stays as is though, I'll go to NIA instead.
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