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Is this the end of the world?

I wrote what amounts to three paragraphs yesterday. Woop.

Got Kerrang too. It makes me sad. First cause the posters are all hchicks. Second cause there's NO Jay pictures in the Bullet review. And third causa Mikey:( Poor Mikey. I wanna give him a big, big hug.

Grandad's out of hospital too < 3 This is very good.

Yay for Andrew being back in Desperate Housewives make out with the hot one please

Seed Of Chucky amuses me.

Last night was scary though. After watching Queer As Folk US downstairs, we came up and I saw a shadow move into the computer room. Now it wasn't me, causa the lighting, or babu cause she was behind me. It scared me so much I couldn't leave her side. Then when we were in bed, we both felt it there. Now, babu knows there's a ghost here, but the shadow Is een was smaller then thhat and it just felt... different. Bad different.

I couldn't sleep for along time cause it just scared me.

I'm not looking forward to tonight.

We're meant to be going to Bromley today. I hope we do soon.
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