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In the end we're just a shell

I hate people trying to give me aims and all that bollocks. I don't want a job or some dumb education controlling my life and tethering me in one place near permenantly. I'd go absolutely insane.

I'd rasther be aimless with freedom then be stuck in one place with something.

I haven't been getting much sleep either, it takes me ages to fall now.


I only woke proper half hour ago, which is brilliant as I was meant to be up by 1 so I'd have writing time. Now I've got half hour instead of 2 hours and I feel it's a bit pointless. I'll start to write, get into it and then have to come of it again, probably not able to go on to finish for ages. I've been so pessimistic about writing times that I didn't even load the fics I bought with me to the comp (I was gonna today) but I guess, with today being the only main chance I'd get, it might not be worth it.


Still, I'll try to anyway, with the fic I started yesterday.

MCR are apparently gonna be touring non-stop with The Black Parade for 2 years. Also, Frankie's sick. Poor Frankie:(

The new FOB video amuses me. Pete's hot.

I'm obsessed with this song. I must find the lyrics once I'm back home to fic it.
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