We're owl exterminators (shadow_hive) wrote,
We're owl exterminators

Where's my shoe?

Back from Bullet. They were brilliant, I've got 2 tee's (one from in, one out) a badge set and a completely unrelated poster (AFI).

The two supports were nothing special, so we sat watching the hot guys go past (which there were loads of) including blondie who was next to us in the line, a short HOG and the 'SHOE!'. Now, why's a guy called SHOE! ? well, he had on only one shoe, and he shouted in his mobile asking where his shoe was, followed by SHOE! he was adorable.

Before the gig we had fries. I feel the need to see that and go eeee fries.

During Bullet my eyes were on Jay 85% of the time. Mostly cause we were on his side of the stage, mosstly though cause he's so hot and adorable and mmmmm! Padge was at Moose's a lot. Is there some rule that the bassist and drummer must have a thing? (Except in Lostpropets/MCR). Hmmm.

Padge, loss the facial hair. it scares me:(

Matt was hot too, but didn't do as much singing as normal (causa his throat) so Jay did some parts < 3

About midway through the sound just... died. We could hear ourselves talk. I thought I'd gone deaf, but it was a sound thing. Someone got their arses kicked for sure. It sorted itself out though.

Brilliant though.

Outside made me sad. There was no posters of the whole band, all were of Matt or other bands. Oddness.

Causa tonight though, a Jay fic I had planned (well, I say planned, I mean asigned a keyword) now has an idea. I e-mailed it myself. It'll be a standalone though so...

The full Give It A Name line-up is announced next week's Kerrang. EEE! I wonder how good it'll be this year? I doubt it'll match last yeear, but then it is three day so... maybe.
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