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If you swear to listen

Yesterday was horrible, due a bitch at the train station. Bah.

I was apparently very tired, as my body kept making me sleep (and wouldn't let me outta bed this morning). Eh. Had sushi though. Sushi is love. Although a dude was arrested in front of us. Cool.

I didn't write anything on the trip, due to sleep, but I now have another fic added to my list. Benji/Bert.

I really think I've fully gone off the Mcfly fandom. I don't think I can write any solely Mcfly for... well indefinately. I think the mcsecretsanta when I finally finish it will be the last Mcfly for a long time (bar crossover of course, which will most likely only feature Doug or Harry anyway).

I like the sledding on Happy Feet. But not the dancing or swimming really. I'm odd.

Tonight's Bullet. Yay! < 3 Jay better not come within 5 feet of me... or he'll never be heard from again. MWHAHH!


I hope they'll have nice posters and stuff outside as well as inside.

There's an R2 DVD projector thing, it's so cool. < 3

Shall probably do some writing on return, but might be too tired, so it'll be tomorrow.
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