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So we drove and drove

We're going to see 30 Seconds :D YAY! Badness will be the travel again... but still. YAY!

Watched Pirates 2 and finally finished a fic. Next fic's nearest posting are Dead! and Torchwood fic which might be ready before I go. I'll then start working on others (starting with the Time Of Our Lives) once I'm there. Most likely during babu's driving lesson.

Ritual sacrifice fic I have planned, I'm pondering over why they sacrifice. I now have two ideas insitead of oen and can't decide. Bloody remembering my Aztec past life.

I really need to go into regression about that. I swear one of the dreams the other night related to it.

Pretty much packed, all I need to add is the device (transfering stuff) and DS (leaving on charge overnight) and I'm set. Oh, and Gerard and some dvds probably.

Bullet's Monday and I'm not so hyper about it. Maybe it's cause of it being postponed or the uncertainty I've had over Matt's voice being fully ok or maybe it's the trip being in between, I'm not sure. I'm sure I'll be more squeally later.

I accidentally made babu's lip bleed. Oops.

I added two icons (deleting two I've never used), one being Padge. Padge is hot. Jay is hotter. I made a request post for a smut fic requesting one of em (or Ian/Ilan) with one of MCR here. Hope I will for someone to do it. There's no specifics, all I want is smut. Hot, hot smut.

Actually any Bullet/Lostprophets smut would be good. I crave it. Again, with the cravings.

Babu is so much better at billiards on Wii Play then me. But then again, I'm shit at it so...

Might watch Tooth And Claw later, or any Doctor Who. I have an urge for The Doctor now. I blame babu for having on Rise Of The Cybermen/The Idiot's Lanturn on when I woke the t'other day.

If The Blackout really are at Give It A Name then I'll go that one day just to see them. They're amazing. I hope they'll do a longer set, though it'll be ironic as it was at the last Give It A Name that I first heard them.

What else?

Before I go I'll be just posting the fics, no goodbye post so this is it really. We leave at about 11 for the train (at 11:30) then the coach is at 1:30 hopefully to arrive at Dunton Green by 6ish. Hopefully. I hate the trip though, I've no idea what I'll do, though it might involve a notepad. I'm printing out my fic to-do list and smut_69 list to do a standalone on the trip. Most likely it'll be a 69 one, as I've got some ideas jotted down (and pairings) which include Spencer shackled to the wall, hoe!Ray and limbless Mikey.
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