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Pairing: Alex Pennie/?
Rating: NC-17
POV: Pennie
Keyword: Stuffed Animal
Notes: I asked antontobias86 for some keywords, this is one of them. There's gonna be a sequel at some point soon.
Dedications: antontobias86 and reduxography

The dressing room was completely empty at last. Rob had wandered off somewhere, while Iwan and Frost both said tthey had 'somewhere to be'. Yeah, they were probably in a closet or other confined space somewhere banging each other's brains out. Rob may be oblivious to them, but I sure wasn't. Not that I cared though, the only thing I cared about was that I was alone. I wandered over to my bag, a black back pack that I always bought wherever we performed. I told the guys it was for luck.

I think they knew I was lying.

I unzipped the main compartment of my bag, reaching in and pulling out Fluffy. Fluffy was my cuddly sheep. Most people had teddy bears as their cuddly toy of choice, but for me it had to be a sheep. Of course, he wasn't a normal cuddly toy. In between his rear legs was a hole, about an inch around. It wasn't an accidental hole, I'd made it myself a few years back to satisfy my needs. I set the furry toy on the couch, then unzipped my fly, pushing my jeans open slightly. Sometimes when I did this I'd strip fully naked, but now wasn't the best time for that. The other's could return any minute, but that only excited me further. Of course, once I got into it the thought of being caught left my head completely. I pushed my boxers down slightly, freeing my hard, aching cock, then seated myself on the couch. One hand lesiurely stroked my length, while the other reaching to grab Fluffy.

I rubbed the few drops of shiny pre-cum that had leaked from my slit over the head lightly, purring softly in pleasure. I slid my fingers down my dick so they held my hardness at the base, aiming it straight up. I held Fluffy up, so that his hole was directly above my shaft. Slowly I pushed the soft toy down, sliding my throbbing member inside him, letting out a small groan of pleasure. The sheep's cotton insides felt so familiar to me now as I impaled it fully on my length.

I did this practically every day and every time I did I kept half-expecting someone to walk in. As of yet though, no one had.

Both of my hands now gripped onto the toy's sides, moving it up and down slowly. It felt so good, as it always did. There was really nothing like it. Wanking was fine, but by 17 it had bored me. So I modified Fluffy to use instead of my hand. Although I adored both blow jobs and anal, I much rather prefered giving then receiving. Trouble was, I hadn't been able to do either in awhile. The last time I'd done either was with Iwan two months back, and before that with Frost the month previous. So, sadly my sex life was no existant apart from with Fluffy. Not that I minded in the slightest.

I was moving him faster now, letting out soft moans as my hips pressed against his soft fur every time I pushed him down. His insides were now not only soft and warm, but also wet from precum and sweat. Just the way I liked him. I closed my eyes, losing myself to the moment, focussing solely on the movements of the toy on my cock. It wouldn't take me long to spurt, I knew that from experience, so I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the movement.

Several thrusts later I arched my back, spurting my thick cream deep inside him. As I filled his insides, I moaned his name, then let out a small pant. Slowly, I pulled him off my length, bringing him up my body to my lips, extending my soft tongue to lap at the cum that hadn't soaked into the cotton. With my eyes closed I circled my tongue lightly, tasting the slight saltiness that was there.


My eyes fluttered open instantly and I glanced nervously at the doorway. of course, I thought it would be one of the others, but it wasn't. He was fairly tall and selender, with a pair of glasses on his seemingly innocent face. His hair was brown and near-shoulder length and the hazel eyes behind his glasses were gazing right at me. "What exactly are you doing?"
Tags: alex pennie, fic, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash, the automatic
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