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Like you mean it

Something feels off and it's not the obvious.

Surgery apparently went well today, although it was much worse then doctor's thought it would be. Arses. There was scarring on the stomach, which I take as not good seeing as it was meant to be a urinary thing. Makes me want to hit them for not doing something in the first place.

Watched The Descent last night. Eh. Nothing special, I didn't much go for it. Most likly cause of the complete lack of males.

Today was spent... well, doing nothing. I started writing, then stopped, then started. It's so erratic now. Next post shall be fic, with hopefully two more tomorrow. (Tonight's won't be Time Of Our Lives as I wanna do a standalone to get back into it.)

David Tennant is so adorable, he's lovely. (I demand that The Doctor and Jack make out, if not I'll hit someone)

Tomorrow I've got to:
*Sort tree
*Pay... something I dunno, but mum's gonna leave me money to pay papers/lottery I think
*Pack (which'll consist of a pair of tee's, the device, Gerard the unicorn and probably not much else)
*Go on Twilight Princess

I think I may stay up late tonight to sort stuff.

I must watch Kylie on the 13th.
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