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Pulling the trigger all wrong

Big Brother and Desperate Housewives tonight. I know which I'll be watching most.

H is gay. Like we didn't already know.

Icing is good. So's sushi, which'll be made tomorrow.

Half-watched Seven Sowrds. It's hard to watch a foreign language film when you've not paying full attention Frankie-haired lesbian was cool though. There's such a lack of melee combat nowadays so all the cool weapons would be useless in combat now with guns. that makes me a little sad.

I think that, once I'm back from Bullet, I'll start gathering my ideas for writing the book/short story I've always been meaning to. I can't get a 'real' job with what's going on right now. It would be too much, it'd drive me mad. All that's happened has made me even more glad that I don't have a direction (as in Uni or work). I just couldn't do either right now.

On Friday I'm going to sort out the Jobseeker's crap, because I need money somehow.

Fic soon, I got distracted by film.

I'm sure, as always, that I've missed something. No doubt I have, but what... I've no idea.
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