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A great many things

Someone kept calling and hanging up as soon as I got to the phone. This pisses me off, especially as it woke me, not once, but twice.


Shark Attack 3 was only good for John. The graphics are so fucking shit it's unbelieveable. (I'm so glad I didn't give up swearing as a resolution) You can actually SEE the black line around where it's been blue/green screened and this was done 5 years ago? Bah. It could've been better (possibly cause 80% of the crew had names ending in ov, implying most of the staff was Russian).

Watched Litte Britain (always love) then babu went to bed.

All alone, I decided to go on TEH ZELDA < 3
*The Temple Of Time's fairly straight forward (just pretty much going up, then the return journey)
*I knew the Oocoo had an agenda (everyone has an agenda in a Zelda game, especially the console ones)
*The actual temple is predy and so like it's version in Ocarina
*It must've been a long time since Ocarina for it to be in such disrepair
*Armogohma=worst boss ever it killed me, but worse, made my skin crawl (basically it's a huge fucking spider)
*Shad=sex and oh-so British
*Hidden Village so=ocarina Kakariko
*Impaz amuses me. She's sooo old
*Finding 20 kitten's is hard
*Ilia now has her, memory back. Joy
**sniggers at every mention of rod*

Later babu woke and we started to watch the Panic! dvd. I drifted off cause I was tired but Spencer=sex. Spencer has very very nice arms. Ryan's a top. Karma Police= < 3

Taken last night:

I look psycotic. Fun.

Things in Kerrang:
*Hot Pete
*Hot Bullet
*Hot Billy and Paul
*Hot Jade
*Hot Ian poster (shame it's only A4)

I had to use all change to buy it though. I thing the sales woman hated me.

The world's amazing isn't it? Watching documentaries about it now on UkTv History.

Fics I have open to hopefully post some today (read as within the next 24 hours):
*Untitled Torchwood fic (probably be done in half hour)
*The Time Of Our Lives Part 4 (Toro action ahead
*Pennie fic

Within next 72 hours:
*What To Do With the Dead
*My Body Is Your Body

Other fics shall have a start made to them, but have high hopes, I do not.
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