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Ryan, you look like a tramp

Walsall was cold. And crap. Cause I had NO MONEY. Stupid bitch wouldn't let me have my Christmas money. Bah.

Naturally, cause I had no money, I saw LOADS of things I wanted.

In Gamestation:
*Zelda keyring
*Zelda wristband
*Zelda badges
*Zelda tee (although it was on a guy so I couldn't have bought it...)

In Music Zone:
*Natalie Imbrulia's album (Counting Down The Days... twas £3:( )
*2 AFI posters
*Panic! poster
*Fall Out Boy poster

In Sci-fi shop:
*7 Star Wars figures (5 clones, 2 black R-units and topless kit)
*Starship Battles Minis

In Virgin:
*AFI 7 inch (I wish I'd got it, it was the only one and I doubt I'll see it again)

Things I did get (ie got babu to get):
*Torchwood book (Another Life)
*Rock Sound
*Bullet poster

I really must go back with money.

Two people commented on my jacket. One old person (who knew who HIM were *blinks*) and the other in Gamestation (the guy who's tee I wanted).

Saw nan today. Although she babbled, stared blankly and was drifting off to sleep, there was one good thing. She looked at me and smiled and mum says she hasn't smiled like that in all the time she's been there... that means she still recognises me < 3

Anyone wanting the MCR concert poster, can get it now < 3

I love Mcdonalds.

Things of note in Rock Sound:
*Good Charlotte = sex
*Ryan and Spencer are hot
*The calandar is hot in places

Babu got Shark Attack 3: Megladon. It has John Borrowman in. He is definately the best thing in it so far.

I started another fic this morning, cause I was bored and inspired. It'll be a one-shot and it's almost done so...

I'm almost outta Pepsi... and lack money.


Dark hair makes Gee's cheeks look chubbier... it's hot.
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