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The right kind of Doctor

I hate you Doctor I hate hate hate HATE you!

Torchwood ranting. Lots of it.

*Jack/Jack snoggage! < 3
*The general Jack/Jackness
*Implied (I hate that it's implied) Ianto/Jack shagging
*Ianto/Jack kissage (though not long enough)
*Ianto having the balls to shoot Owen
*Lisa getting mentioned far too much
*It reminded me of Buffy (with the First)
*Jack would've been tempted by 'the right kind of Doctor'
*I knew the son of the devil looked like The Beast from Doctor Who
*Mulder/Scully < 3
*The hand returns
*I've warmed to Owen
*Bilis dude is clever, but very evil and screwed up
*dgghfgffgf THE DOCTOR TAKES JACK! BAH! I hate him

I HATE YOU DOCTOR WHO! (For taking Jack without warning, and for not being on now anfd for not even having Jack until the end of the series).


Sarah Jane was better then i expected, although no real K-9! But having a hot guy and kid made up for it. But still...


Doctor, you better bring Jack RIGHT as you left him (for Ianto and so I can scream threesome) or I will... do something.
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