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Well I'm afraid that I...

Good things about 06
Kerrang XXV
Give It A Name
Lostprophets signing
Matt signing
Panic! At The Disco
Reading And Leeds being on BBC3 (solely for hearing Dead!/House of Wolves for the first time... with much squeeing)
Mcfly at G-A-Y
The Black Parade and it's month+ build up
My Chemical Romance
The various trips to babu
Twilight Princess/getting the Wii

Bad things
Kerrang XXV
Late November/December
Nan being in hospital (and then gonna be in a home)
Both grandparents being in hospital

Best films
Ice Age 2
Saw 3
Underworld: Evolution
Pirates Of The carribean 2
Over The Hedge

Best Tv
Doctor Who

Best albums
The Black Parade
Doctor Who Soundtrack
Liberation Transmission
The Open Door
Not Accepted Anywhere
Grand Unification
The Blackout The Blackout The Blackout
Don't Let It Go To Waste

Best bands/artists
My Chemical Romance
Panic! At The Disco
The Blackout
The Automatic
30 Seconds To Mars
Bullet For My Valentine
Matt Willis

Other bands/artists that I only really heard last year:
Dir En grey
The Gazette

Best games
Twilight Princess
Empire At War: Forces Of Corruption
Lego Star Wars 2

Note, I probably have missed people/things, I'm known to do that

I'll probably do a better one of those when I see one.

Watched Boo last night after the fireworks. Twas better then I thought it'd be. Started watching Last House before it and I just... the hair and the clothes, I couldn't take it seriously :[ I'll try and watch it again at some point (possibly after gagging myself to stop laughing or commenting).

Watching babu play Twilight Princess=amusing. No Twilight Princess rant for me (I just stared at Ralis/eventually made my way to the Temple of Time). With the temple being in the forest I thought it'd be a different one, but going in it it's near exactly like it was in Ocarina... htough hoow you get in it is freaky. Exactly HOW long has it been since Ocarina anyway?

Happy New Year everyone!
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