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Near year's end

I'm gonna do a year in review-thingy at some point. Has anyone got a basic memey thing of one I can use as an outline?

Things seem to be sorta looking up, now that mum's told me that nan's thing isn't as infectous as I thought (always thinking worst case scenario, that's me) so that's a good.

Dreams are weird and inspiring.

Before I go off on one (read as more Twilight Princess ranting) everyone try and have a good, safe new year kay?

Enter teh ranting:
*Yeti's are cute
*Spending 5 minutes staring into Ralis's perdy green eyes doesn't count as constructive time use
*I hate fishing
*Ralis' earing is perdy
*As is Shad's whole body
*The way Ralis sits on the throne ZOMG how gay < 3 Kittens to anyone that finds a cap of it
*Colin's happy that Link helped Ralis
*Snowpeak Ruins=perdy (from the name, I expected a Temple-ish place, not a perdy mansion)
*What the mirror did to Yeta freaks me out
*Wolf!Link isn't food
*The Zora and Gorons seem to be getting on far better then I thought
*Seeing Zora and Gorons in the same place= < 3
*The Zora are happy Ralis is back
*The ball and chain= < 3
*The thing that had the ball and chain was harder then the boss
*Just like Lakebed
*The Snowpeak boss music made me think of Nightmare
*I want the proper soundtrack out already
*I hate sledding
*Onward to the woods!
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