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Under a lot of stress

Thank you to everyone that commented last night, it means so much to me that you did and I appreciate it.

Last night was just... horrible. I spent the first hour of it shaking to death, then practically chain smoking to calm me down (admittedly I didn't stop shaking fully until 2). Several things calmed me down. First was smoking and MCR, then talking to babu and lastly finally seeing the Buzzcocks.

Babu's coming to stay on Saturday until Bullet, which I'm so glad of. Although her dad is a bastard and I might have words with him.

I managed to control my shaking enough to go on the Wii and didn't think I'd hear anything until the morning.

However, at just after 2, I heard the door and they were back. Which is both good and bad. Good that he's back, but bad in thta he's had a lot of problems with his bladder recently (and has had several doctor's appointments over recent months, one coming up) and that they couldn't have kept him in to sort it out. It seems though, that it's whatever's been wrong with the bladder. Thankfully. I only say that cause I've been afraid with all this stress that the cancer's gonna come back.

I was seriously so scared last night, cause I'm so close to losing them both (nan now, on top of being in their before being moved to a home, has an infection, one which is bad enough to warrent isolation). Everything's happening to drive me insane with worry and fear apparently.

Thankfully the antibiotics seem to have done the trick (and he's been alright so far) but I couldn't sleep properly to 6 (possibly causa sleeping on the sofa until then, when I was able to yoink mum's bed when she woke).

Wii Play is easy... and fun.

I went on Zelda twice, last night and today (having grandad say stuff to the screen as I played while he watched was most amusing).
*Finally got the Bridge Of Eldin repaired (that's a very LOTR name isn't it?)
*Midna's a Twili, as is Zant
*I hate the Magic Armor
*Finished the Arbitar's Grounds
*The spinner is cool
*I hate the baby Staflos
*Redead warriors are cool... but I prefer the old reDeads
*The Stalord is hard
*Ganon's behind everything as I thought
*Him being chained up is oddly hot
*Note to sages: sending ganon to the Twilight Realm isn't going to end your problems (and it hasn't)
*Looks like he wasn't the first person to have gone after the Triforce (the Twili did that first)
*He was chosen to hold the triforce of Power... so if Link or Zelda had touched it instead, then everything would have happened as it did regardless
*The Twilight Princess isn't Zelda (I knew it was too obvious)
*The Mirror Of Twilight's shattered (I knew it wouldn't be that is)
*More support for Zant/Ganon
*The rest of the mirror is in obvious places... appart from the one 'in the heavens' that's a puzzler

I'm sure I've missed something but... eh.

I'll be off again soon, to get supplies for the morning and to head back overnight.
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