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So long namanaki jiyuue

I played my daily Twilight Princes, cause call ran long. Pretty much all I've done though is get money for magic armor, killed some poes, and learned a hidden skill. That's all. The Castle Branch Malo Mart is creepy.

Seeing caps of the Shadow!Links (which made me eee!!) made me wonder something. Link's got the power of the Triforce of Courage yeah? So why doesn't he a: have powers (both Zelda and Ganon have noticeable more power due to their Triforce pieces) and b: corrupt him. I wonder what a truly evil Link (not Dark!Link, actual Link gone bad) would be like. He may not have magical powers, but he's good with weapons (and clearly that counts for a lot) so he could do plenty of damage if he turned evil. Which makes me think: why hasn't Ganon tried to corrupt him? Sure;y the amount of times he's been defeated by a hero in green named Link would make him think 'right the next Link that comes along I'll take and turn him evil'. But instead of seeing Link as a potential ally he either tries to kill him or ignores him completely.

Or maybe that's exactly what some of the dark!Link's have been, corrupted Link's, but I don't think so.

Perhaps it's because Link's seen as so good and uncorruptable that he doesn't try. Yet surely after torture Link could be broken (sure, it would takes hours, perhaps even days of constant pain, but everyone, no matter how strong can be broken).

In some games Link is seen as a loner, with no (or few) family or friends that could be threatened to make him turn evil, however in Twilight he's a great number of friends (the people in Ordon, unlike his counterpart's people in the Kokiri Forest actually know and like him) which could possibly be used to his advantage.

Palpatine tried to seduce Link to the dark side by threatening his friends, and Saddler in Resident Evil 4 certainly tried to get Leon on his side by tempting him to his way of thinking too. (I seem to remember Saruman tried to convert Gandalf in LOTR as well).

So yeah, i'm aazed he hasn't tried.

Oh crap, I do believe that (the torture part) has given me a plot bunny for Ganon/Link. Sigh.

This turned into a longer post then I expected. Eep.

FYI: having post titles in Japanese that I can translate=< 3
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