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The Gazette=amazing. I love Japanese bands, they're all amazing. < 3

I have pepsi, I'm happy.

Yeah, basically this is ordering it to copy/paste to wordpad so... 8shrug*

Works in progress.

One part (or more) posted somewhere:
Cause I See You Lying Next to Me (1 part left to do, at least)
Deaf And Dumb (1=parts to do)
My Body Is Your Body (1/2 parts left to do)
The Disadvantages Of Being A Sheikah (3+parts to do)
The Hunt (5+parts left to do)
The Time Of Our Lives (3+parts left to do)
Tie Me To A Chair (1 part to do)
What to Do With The Dead (10+parts left to do)

Waycest (Heroin)
Pennie/? (Stuffed animal)
Jared Leto/Tom Delonge (Teacher)
Ryan Ross/? (Lapdance Poll)
Brendon Urie/? (Camera)

Not started/(or finished yet)
30 Seconds To Mars/+44
Jared Leto/Travis Barker fic
Mark Hoppus/Tom Delonge/Travis Barker fic

Bullet For My Valentine/Lostprophets
Charlie Simpson/Ian Watkins
Hand Work
Hard Slammin
Ian Watkins/Lee Gaze/Matt Tuck fic
Jay James/Matt Tuck fic

My Chemical Romance
Dead! (almost done)
Ian Watkins/Mikey Way
Ritual Sacrifice fic
Surgery fic
Where the Wild Roses Grow

Billy Martin/?? fic
Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross/Patrick Stump fic
Charlie Simpson/Dan Haigh/Omar Abidi fic
Charlie Simpson/Will Simpson fic
Matt Willis/Simon Amstell fic
Matt Willis/Omar Abidi fic
Miyavi/? fic

Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Zelda: Twilight Princess
Link/Colin fic
Link/Ralis fic
Link/Shad fic

Once all these are done (read as most), then I'll start work on other ideas for the MCR smut_69 (or which i have a long list of people set up already see Post)

Vote in poll if there's a specific fic you want speeded up

End post
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