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Shoot to kill

Wow, the cds have arrived. they were only sent yesterday. That's the fastest I've ever got something *shall be listening later*

I had a dream last night. Strange people were here that I didn't know. I pushed them out. It was odd.

I was woke up by mum, first she calls then she comes over. Insert moaning and shouting at each other for 20/30 minutes, then cut to her in the bedroom crying cause everything's gotten to her. It really isn't fair. I hate it.

I hope Matt's throat stays funny. I really don't want to go just yet and I could probably make a list of reasons, but if I did it would seem wrong so I won't.

I like how The Gazette's booklet has the lyrics in English as well as Japanese.

I think mum might be getting me the the MCR-like jacket. Yay!
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