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Tell me I'm a bad, bad man!

I didn't finish any fic, I just went on Twilight Princess. El sigh.

Again, I haven't really done anything. In the fast few hours I've:
*Got frustrated over using the remote as a directional control
*Find a hole... but then ran out of lanturn oil just before the end of finsihing it
*Found the next location is the Gerudo Desert
*Realised that Midna=Nabooru (both refused to bow down towards and evil, self-proclaimed king)
*Opened up the other two ways to Castle Town
*Discovered and hated Rollball
*Got some Poe Souls
*Got the note to change the cannon's direction
*Stared at Ralis *dreamysigh*
*Ralis asked if there was anything he could do for Link. Dirty thoguhts ensued
*Link is hot
*Got enough Pieces Of Heart to make another one
*Met the gang at Telma's bar
*Stared at Shad *dreamysigh 2*
*Finally gotten a shop in Castle Town
*How the hell is Malo (who's like 5 or something) such a good buisnessman he now owns TWO shops with a workforce of almost ten?

So yeah. Not done much, but it's possibly for the best (as I'd be up to 8 again if I remained on. I think there's a thing on the game. I was told I had to pay 2000 to help malo set up his shop, then I go to pay some towards it and it'sonly 200. Ah well.

Gazette and Moi Dix Mois are on their way. hooray!

Poll vote in eet unless you already have, then you can't so..

I'm gonna try and finish Dead!, mcsecretsanta (eep lateness), Deaf And Dumb, Mikey fic tomorrow, as they're not in the poll (though Deaf And Dumb was meant to be...)

Ryden is like Ferard. In principal I should find it hot (two hot guys going at it), but in practice I don't unless there's another guy involved.
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