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With all of these vampires

I hate that I can sleep during the day now. I'm a vampire now practically.

Total time on Twilight Princess now is near 22 hours.

Cool htings:
*The Clawshot is < 3
*It could be used for kink
*Morpheel was easy, it didn't even kill me once
*Though it took me 10 minutes to find the way to it's room
*Finally met Zant
*Zant's 'god' could it be Ganon? And if so Ganon/Zant
*Zant has a mouth
*Midna is adorable and has a very strong will
*Gorons and Zora should be the sole soilders of Hyrule, cause they're more reliable then the Hylian Royal Guard
*Did Zelda have a personality transplant or something between meetings?
*Skull Kid is cute, but annoying
*What the hell are those things it calls?
*Golden Wolf < 3
*Link is sex (I must say it every time)
*Able to turn to wolf!Link at will at last < 3
*Malo is a surprisingly good buisnessman for a child
*Huzzah for the western bridge being repaired soon!
*Bomblings seem cute
*Ralis is up and about and Colin cares about him
*Ralis is hot hot hot
*He also desires Link's opinion as he doesn't think he's fit to rule < 3
*I screamed SHAG HIM at the screen when they encountered (just like I did for Sheik in Ocarina, Kafei in Majora and Leon/Luis in Resident Evil 4)
*Ralis doesn't have a gag reflex

You just know I'll be writing Ralis/Link smut. Colin would probably be jealous if they did anything Although jealous of Ralis, Link or not being asked to join

I could so see Link sitting beside him on the Zora throne.

Then I stopped for the day. At 8am. Then slept till now. Eep.

It's definately better then Ocarina and I fear far more addictive.

I ordered a Gazette and Moi Dix Mois album. One of each. I love J-Rock. And Amazon.

I'll be writing today, so I'll be posting fic before I go back on it.
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